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Чему вы научитесь
- Python API Frameworks
- Building API from scratch
- HTTP Methods
- API versioning
- API Authentication Methods
- API documentation
- Docker containers
- Database Connection - ORM
- API caching
- Load Balance your backend
- Building secure backend
- API Load Testing
- API Unit Testing
- Reverse proxy - NGINX
- Connect domain with API server
- Technologies that you will learn: fastapi, locust, apache bench, nginx, redis, docker, postgresql, ssh, insomnia, postman, swagger

- You need to have basic programming skill
- You should be heard of what is cloud, backend and API

This course for anyone who wants to be python backend developer. You will learn what is API and some python API frameworks. You will find all the fundamentals about backend development in lectures. With this course, you will learn how to build secure, fast, scalable, documented and well tested API. Beside this, you will learn the caching and database best practices. This is not just an API framework course, this is complete course that teaches you everything about backend development. You will learn the best practices. You will see the best path of how to develop a good API.
In this course you will learn fastapi python framework. It is the fastest and most convenient python framework. As a production environment you will learn digital-ocean cloud and as a deployment mechanism you will learn docker. This course starts from teaching what is API and ends with secure, tested, documented, cached and versioned best practice API. After this course you will be able to create your own API and create your own database and connect it from your API. Also you will get a domain name and put it to your API server. With load balancer, millions of users will be no more trouble. With nginx reverse proxy, you will be able to set any security or rate limit configuration to your API.
This is very comprehensive and complete backend development course. You will learn a lot of concepts and best practices. After this course you will reach the senior developer knowledge.

Для кого этот курс:
- Backend Developers
- Full-Stack Developers
- Python Developers
- People who want to build own backend architecture
- Curious about backend API systems

Mehmet Nuri Yumuşak
Backend Developer
Hi everyone,
I'm a backend developer and I worked for startup companies for 4 years. I used latest technologies and frameworks in my career and I have lots of experience especially in python. I built both web and mobile app backends that are used by thousands of people daily. If you want to learn cutting-edge technologies about backend development check out my courses.

Материалы курса
10 разделов • 40 лекций • Общая продолжительность 12 ч 34 мин

Course Introduction
Who am I? - 02:11
Overview of the course. What is backend? - 04:34
What can you build after this course? - 01:43

Python API Frameworks
What is API? - 03:39
Why python for API? - 01:31
Python API Frameworks - Sync vs Async - 02:59

Key Concepts
What is JSON? - 01:32
HTTP Methods - 05:53
HTTP Status Codes - 07:35

Building an API
Our sample project - 01:39
Look at other API's - 07:39
Setup environment for our API - 10:05
Предпросмотр - 07:26
Helpful tools - Insomnia or Postman - 08:44

Best Practikes and Rules
Python types, Pydantic models - 12:06
Naming for endpoints - 13:25
Creating enpoints - 43:55
Endpoints - Advance Cases - 17:44
Versioning - 09:54
Authentication - 01:03:08
Recap Authentication - 08:55
Middleware - 16:19
Documentation - Swagger - 35:30

Playing with data
Production Environement & Installments - 14:22
Creating PostgreSQL database with docker - 18:45
ORM vs Pure SQL - 34:06
Connecting endpoints to database - 01:00:25
Validation - 08:08
Cache with Redis - 28:45

Testing endpoints - 51:06
Load testing - 42:21
Deploying API to production environment - 50:25
Load Balancers - 38:39

Advance Topics
Getting a domain - 08:42
Reverse Proxy - 42:55
HTTPS - 16:55
Auth 2.0 - 23:30

Final cut - 17:09
Backend Architecture - 10:01
Resources - 00:09

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